About Us

Arcor construction was founded in 1987 by Johan Taljaard in Mosselbay. 
It had its humble beginnings as a maintenance contractor at Mossgas, later known as PetroSA. The company developed into a civil construction company as the demands of the plant expanded.
In 1994 it moved away from Mossgas and started getting involved in the upmarket residential sector in the southern Cape region, as well as property development.
The company moved to Gauteng in 2008 from where it has grown from strength to strength.

Vision Statement

We see ourselves as a construction company with great values and integrity.
We strive to only deliver the best quality products and services to our clients, in a timeous fashion. This is what will secure a growing relationship.

Mission Statement

Currently we are a small to medium sized company with one goal in mind,growth. 
We want to become one of the leaders in this sector of construction as this can only be beneficial to the economic growth of our country.

Business Concept

With 40+ years of combined industry related experience, our dedicated staff members have extensive knowledge in the civil,
building and maintenance industry.
Therefore we cater for almost the whole construction sector on many different projects in terms of size, monetary value and complexity.


We take occupational health and safety very seriously.
We ensure that we comply with the safety act at all times and that our staff are well trained and informed.
A complete safety file would be presented at each project, whether compulsory or not.